Our team

Dentist – Dennis Murphy

Dr. Dennis Murphy received his dental training at The Ohio State University and his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1977.  After graduating dental school, he landed in Clifton and has never left.  Dr. Murphy believes in minimally invasive dental technique and encourages proper dental hygiene techniques to ensure longevity of your teeth and gums.  Dr. Murphy enjoys each and every patient.  His desire to get to know each one of his patients makes his job that much easier, thorough assessment and treatment for each individual patient; treating his patients they way he would like to be treated.  His ability to offer special attention to each patient is what keeps them coming back year after year for over 46 years.

Hygienists – Anne and Monica

Anne has been in the dental field for 48 years and has been a licensed provider for 43 years, graduating with her A.S. in Dental Hygiene in 1980.  She was appointed to the Ohio State Dental Board by the Governor in 2013 and is an examiner for the Commission on Dental Competency Assessments.

Monica graduated from UC Blue Ash Dental Hygiene program in 2019.  She received the Golden Scaler Award in 2019.  This award is presented annually by faculty of participating dental hygiene schools who have demonstrated remarkable skill and talent over the course of their classes.

Anne and Monica share the philosophy of Dr. Murphy in our minimally invasive approach, encouraging our patients to practice brushing and flossing daily.  This approach will allow our patients to maintain their teeth and gums as long as possible.  Education, coupled with routine hygiene visits, will ensure the preventative schedule necessary to promote good oral health.

Our initial exam includes oral cancer screening and periodontal charting.  Anne and Monica also examine the tongue, gum and bones of the jaws.  This complete exam allows our practice to maintain oral integrity and make recommendations for further treatment if required.

Anne and Monica look forward to each patient appointment.  Our office prides itself on personal attention and individualized treatment.

Dental Assistant – Christine

As Dr. Murphy’s chairside assistant, Christine maintains Dr. Murphy’s philosophy in minimally invasive dental technique.  Christine has been a dental assistant since 2008.  Christine began with Dr. Murphy in 2016 and she has continued learning new techniques and expands her clinical knowledge daily.  Christine takes pride in getting to know each one of our patients and catering our treatment specifically to each individual.

Office Manager – Kim

As Dr. Murphy’s Office Manager, Kim brings over 40 years of dental experience to the office.  She has been in the field of dentistry since 1975 and began her career with Dr. Murphy in 2017.   She is a dental assistant as well as a licensed radiographer in the State of Ohio.  She has worked in Oral Surgery, General Dentistry and Periodontics.   Kim moved from the clinical aspect of dentistry to the business aspect in 2008.  She maintains a high level of competence and integrity and loves helping all patients receive the dental care that they need.